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My comments are being censored at Reason Hit and Run (Reason’s motto: free minds, free markets.1 I think they still favor free markets, but who knows?) – again - this time for observing Mexicans who sneak into America are fat.

The unpleasant facts the prudes at Reason didn’t want you to see:
A Stanford University Medical Center study has cast light on the health risks and behaviors of women and men from Mexico...The bad news included poor nutrition (all respondents reported low fruit and vegetable consumption) and high rates of obesity, even among the farmworkers (more than 60 percent of all respondents were overweight, including more than 20 percent who were obese).
And their children are even fatter:
"Among male youth, the highest overweight and obesity prevalence is found in Mexican American boys (ages 6 to 11), 43 percent and 27.3 percent respectively, and Mexican American adolescent males (ages 12 to 19), 44.2 percent and 27.5 percent respectively."
The costs of obesity are already an enormous drain on Medicare and Medicaid. Importing millions more impoverished fatties will only make things worse. (And to think there are still some Americans harboring the delusion it’s the immigrants who will be paying for natives healthcare.)

In other anarcho-tyranny news, silly economist Bryan Caplan claims:

“Direct observation of immigrants leads to more reasonable beliefs about the effects of immigration.”

I challenge Bryan Caplan to stroll through the part of Los Angeles east of the Staples center between the Harbor 110 Freeway (east) and Hoover Ave (west) to directly observe the immigrants residing there. Afterward he can tell us if it made him more or less reasonable about the effects of immigration. Assuming he survives.

1Or should that be non-socially divisive minds, free markets?


  1. I just took a look at "Reason Hit and Run". Bunch of guys trying to outdo each other bitching and moaning about "racism". I bet not a single commenter there could answer what the U.S. population was in 1980 and what it is now. Oh well, it's a free Web, and the B-Team has computers too.

  2. I'm still disapointed no one commented on my "Lights at Scheveningen" post.

  3. You have been blocked from that website because you have committed a thoughtcrime. The illegal immigration issue is unique, in my experience. I have never seen such a widespread and sustained campaign of dishonest discourse on the part of the media and politicians on both the left and right; a refusal not only to allow free debate, but to use words according to their proper meaning. For example, here on Long Island, a couple of teenagers shot a bottle rocket into the window of the home of some local illegal immigrants. According to our local paper, Newsday, this was a "firebombing". This is what happens when the politicians decide that your vote is not enough for them to win...they abandon you immediately.

  4. They would lose any free debate.

    The hilarious thing about the Branch Reasonians is that despite their pretense to libertarain delusions, they print A pro-immigration article by Shikha Dalmia, who is obviously angry at those favoring reduced immigration because, being an immigrant herself, she sees it as an attack on her identity group. Reason editor Nick Gellespie justifies open borders by referencing his Italian grandfathers experience.

    So much for "rational individualism".

  5. Reason censors even your ideas: Over on Hit & Run, I posted a comment paraphrasing your observations with your source links and a TinyURL link to your post here. It was up for a day, but it's gone now.

  6. Really? That cracks me up. But doesn't surprise me.

    Isn't Timmy Cavannaugh the one who runs the weblog?


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