Brownout on Wilshire Boulevard

An 'activist' coins a clever term for the illegal alien protests:
"Much of this is being propelled by the demographic transformation of this country," said Armando Navarro, a political scientist and longtime Mexican-American activist in Southern California. Latino immigrants have reached "a critical mass," he said.
Still, Navarro said he's optimistic and calls today's boycott "a prelude of things to come."

"It's a brown-out, sick-out sort of thing," he said. "That's a grandiose objective and we may not get there. But we're going to try."
More illegal aliens means more blackmail by brownout.


  1. Carter? Thank God. You seem to have survived a day without illegals. At least now we see how all order can be whisked out from under our feet at any minute like a table cloth from under a place setting.
    Listen: if this happens again, grab as much grain alcohol and quality tobacco as you can carry and make for Salish Lodge, scooping up any acceptable females you find along the way. I'll take care of the rest.

  2. You crack me up.

    I suspect these protests were an enormous blunder that will backfire on the illegals and the American subversives who support them, but who knows, my optimisim may be a false byproduct of the sudden change in the weather.


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