Six-Gun Gorilla

While attempting (with zero success, alas) to locate a copy of one of the magazines that published the stories of Six-Gun Gorilla1 I stumbled across this invaluable compendium that I’m sure many of my readers will also find useful.

UPDATE: Poster available.

1“His name was O’Neil and he was a real gorilla, trapped in Africa as a baby, brought to the States and sold to a prospector named Johnson. O’Neil’s adventures appeared in the magazine Adventure and Wizard, probably in 1926.

Johnson was a kindly gent who taught his prot/g/[sic] to dig for gold, haul wood and water and, in an act that would forever change the concept of the Wild West, how to shoot a pistol. When Johnson is killed for failing to reveal the location of a huge vein of gold, O’Neil goes after the villains.

Strapping on a brace of six-shooters, the ape tracks the killers across the wilds of Colorado, bumping them off one by one — and highjacking a stagecoach now and again for transportation, and one assumes enough money to purchase a few bananas.”


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