Misapplied Liberalism

Did you know George Bush is still President? Well he is. At a recent press conference he explained why we must allow millions of poor Mexicans to come to our country and ruin it:
“And the objective is, on the one hand, protect our borders, and on the other hand, never lose sight of the thing that makes America unique, which is we're a land of immigrants, and that we -- we're not going to discriminate against people.”
It isn’t conservative to forcibly transform the nation to conform to an abstract principle. And it isn’t discrimination, in any malign sense, to determine who is and who isn’t allowed into our country. Bush’s immigration stance can be described as misapplied liberalism.


  1. Bush Conservative? He's a charlatan, the president of the top 1% and the bottom 49. Biggest budget increases since LBJ. Trashes our military readiness. Throws open borders to all the cheap labor that we can eat, and sends the bill for social services to the taxpayer. Supports unlimited "trade" with communist China.

    F'ing SOB if you ask me.

  2. Please show your ire with the illegal immigration situation by showing up and welcoming the 21st Century Paul Revere Ride when it comes to your state.


    We CAN make a difference.


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