Flight 503 to Salt Lake City

Delta Airlines is red-faced after a granny passenger on a cross country flight whom everyone thought napping turned out to be dead:
According to the flight crew and passengers, no one realized she had passed away until after the plane landed. 
Flight attendants and some passengers said they only realized what had happened once the plane began to empty out and she didn’t move. 
One EMT at the scene said the woman was dead long enough for rigor mortis to set in.
Such embarrassing incidents could be avoided if more people did what I do whenever I see an oldie who might be sleeping: I grab the oldie by the shoulders and shake him or her vigorously while loudly asking “Are you dead yet? Are you dead yet?”


  1. What I like to do with oldies is smile sweely at them and say as falsely and kindly as I can, "now, now, that okay, I know it's all reversible." Then cackle like a crazy old man as I walk away.

  2. You're funny Mr. Shy.

    By the way, did you see this item?


    When I posted it, I thought you might be one of the people capable of providing some insight or other examples of such a light phenomenon.


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