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NASA scientists have invented a camera capable of photographing invisible demons [Inexpensive Detector Sees The Invisible, In Color, Photographs Demon]:

This is a false color image of an invisible demon in the far infrared (8-12 micrometer IR spectral band) taken with the 1 megapixel GaAs QWIP camera. Warmer temperatures are orange, cooler temperatures are dark red. Notice the thermal handprint left on its cloak as it removes its hand from its pocket.

In other news, tomorrow (May 25th) a comet fragment crashes into the Atlantic Ocean causing a giant, 200m high tsunami. It is the worst disaster in recorded human history.


  1. Nice switcheroo there, making a "Goddard engineer", as reported in your source, into an "invisible demon" in your blog post. I researched the " lights-at-scheveningen" and found that this beach is famous for its light and therefore used by painters, but I couldn't find out when this woodcut was done, so I don't really know anything. Your post did make me take another look at Geoffrey Hill's poetry, and once again I was stymied by it, like the last time I was stymied by it, and the time before that. All in all a successful afternoon of getting nowhere from three different starting points. I am going downstairs now.

  2. I think it dates to the earlier flood...The lights at Schevenigen would make a good title for a poem...I admire Hill but honestly I don't know what he's talking about most of the time...

  3. ""Nice switcheroo there, making a "Goddard engineer", as reported in your source, into an "invisible demon" ""

    If you'd read the whole article, you would know that the picture is of a Goddard engineer.. who lost his soul inventing the 1 megapixel GaAs QWIP camera in some sort of Faustian pact.

    His endless wandering through the land of wind and spirits is now captured with the very camera he invented. Ironic...


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