Ectrodactyly, or the Startling Secrets of the Ostrich People (via The Anomalist).

Hot news from the Malay Mail Hotline:
ANN, of Gombak, is upset with her neighbour because she refused to trim her bougainvillaea shrub which is growing bigger with its branches encroaching into her compound. “I am scared because the shrub has sharp thorns and can be hazardous.”
These troubling allegations regarding the encroaching bougainvillea (someone should start a blog called The Encroaching Bougainvillaea) were revealed by the famous trio of investigative reporters, Wan Sakinah A. Saburi, Nisrin Othman, and Kalbana Perimbanayagam, who as you may recall previously combined to rock the establishment with the sordid story Voucher for facial not valid.

Finally, a small step in the right direction in Whitby, as one of that town’s notorious maniacs has been sentenced to jail at long last.


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