Like a drunken insect

In Seattle a new form of bias has been discovered: summer breakism. While not specifically racist, according to Caprice Hollins, the Director for the Office of Equity and Race Relations for the Seattle Schools, summer break is an example of a “systemic problem” which verges on racism because “summer break serves no educational purpose” and “puts struggling [i.e. black and Latino] students further behind.” I don’t know what Ms. Hollins wants, but voluntary summer school could be created. If it were, I’m sure a lot of Asian parents would force their kids to attend.

Another unusual type of prejudice that’s rarely discussed is Intergalactic Racism. Most people think extraterrestrials only abduct white people, but that’s only true of the grey extraterrestrials. As this story from Canada’s finest newspaper recounts, white skinned aliens (including one sporting red pubic-hair) have been coming to this planet and targeting blacks for harassment. Potential abductees take note, there seems to be a convenient and effective means of self defense against these beings:
“I urinated straight into the chest of the creature which had pulled the thing out of my organ.

And if I had shot the creature, it would never have reacted as it did. It jerked away and nearly fell, and then it recovered and staggered away like a drunken insect, and left the room. I don't know whether my urine did it; I don't know. But that is what happened.”


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