Goodbye, Whitby, goodbye

The bodies of dead seals found bludgeoned, battered, and bloody on Whitby Beach.

Whitby Beach scene fit for a holiday horror show, a seafront strewn with “shards of splintered timber and glass sticking out” and “youngsters playing in the sand with wood riddled with nails”.

Naked body of a middle-aged woman washes up on Whitby beach.

Finally, some good news, as Whitby Beaches named as some of nation's best to visit.


  1. 'He said: “We went to see the patient but unfortunately she was deceased and our doctor pronounced her dead at the scene.'

    I love that quote from the dead woman washed up on beach story.

  2. Of course Whitby beaches where named some of the best. Where else do you get to see dead bodies and bludgeoned seals?


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