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A day can hardly pass without our government overlords presenting some new gift of stupid regulation. Take, for example, this law, courtesy of Washington State Governor Christine Gregoire, a legal extortionist elected under suspicious circumstances (more here) that makes unsecured stereo speakers in cars illegal. This law is needed because sometimes (at least once) a car with custom speakers installed will crash, and the unsecured speakers will fly about the interior of the car, injuring its occupants. Apparently having the idiots who drive about blasting the jabberings of various ‘gangsta’ rappers at excruciating volume on their car stereos maimed by their own speakers is a poetic justice our government can not allow. While the menace of loose speakers rises to the level of requiring government intervention, solving the problem by banning the speakers entirely is not an option, for a ban would have the side effect of improving the general quality of life. Note too that only when something good might result from a law do politicians feel their power to regulate is constrained. As I've noted before, the ugly secret modern democracy is that our government hates us...


  1. Why does the government "hate" the American people? Can anyone doubt that the US government is a tool of the international corporate-financial elite? The mass importation of a largely low-IQ Third World peasantry does nothing to enchance US competitiveness. It seems that these same elites have decided to shift the focus of their operations to East and South Asia with the US on track to becoming a combination of the worst aspects of Argentina and Brazil. That petty stuff is just there because the transition will be easier with incompetents and loony leftist ideologues thinking they're in charge and causing the citizenry to fall into terminal cynicism, if not fatalism.

  2. "the US on track to becoming a combination of the worst aspects of Argentina and Brazil"

    Good point, they won't even mitigate their destructiveness by allowing us any of the fun aspects of places such as Brazil.

  3. I thought some in the media would come around when the minutemen project showed that the boarder could be shut down peacfully with not much effort.

    Doesn't seem like it.

    Seems like all the newpapers, and their annoying bow-tie wearing op-ed nerds, are still tsk-tsking the whole effort.

    I may have to travel to DC with my local radio jock in two weeks just to make myself feel better.

  4. I suspect immigration will (finally) be a major issue at least by the next presidential election. Look up the positions Hillary Clinton has taken on the subject...


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