Red Headed League

Izzat [Ezzet] Ibrahim al-Douri, former vice president of Saddam's revolutionary council, is believed to be behind some attacks against coalition forces and Iraqis. He is the "King of Clubs" No. 6 on the coalition's most-wanted list. Following the capture of Saddam Hussein he became the most wanted man in Iraq.”

“The red-haired Ibrahim was born in 1942 near Tikrit. Coming from the same clan area as Saddam, he had no independent power base, and posed no threat to Saddam. Saddam and Ibrahim were among the leading plotters of the 1968 coup which returned the Baath party to power.”

“THE mastermind of the Madrid train bombings remains at large and security sources believe that he may be planning an attack in Britain during the general election.”

“Documents found in a Madrid flat used by some of the bombers show how their leader, Mustafa Setmarian Nasar, ordered them to strike in the final days of the Spanish election campaign last March. The coded command was sent three months earlier; Nasar left it to his lieutenants in Spain to decide what the target should be.”

“The US State Department recently named the Syrian-born Nasar as one of the five most dangerous al-Qaeda terrorists still at large and put a $5 million bounty on his head.”
“Nasar, who has a pale complexion, red hair and green eyes, often uses British identity documents.”

"Mustafa Setmariam Nasar, also known as Abu Musab al-Suri, is an al-Qa'ida member and former trainer at the Derunta and al-Ghuraba terrorist camps in Afghanistan...Born in Aleppo, Syria in 1958, Nasar was a member of the radical Syrian Muslim Brotherhood."
Are these men related (how many Arabs have red hair)? Are these men an Iraq/Al-Qaeda connection?* Or is it that men with red hair have a greater pre-disposition to evil (see Judas, Lenin, and Carrot Top)?

*There has been speculation that the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood was at times funded and/or used by Saddam. If true, Izzat Ibrahim al-Douri would likely have been involved, note Ibrahim’s oversight of Saddam’s Return to Faith Campaign (al-Hamlah al-Imaniyyah) and his connection to Jaysh Muhammad (JM), “an anti-Coalition group with both politically motivated and religiously motivated elements. The politically motivated members are Ba’athist, pro-Saddam elements who tend to be of the Sufi religious soca. The Sufi enjoyed special status during the Baath Regime and hold Izzat exceptionally high esteem. They were members of intelligence, security, and police forces from the previous regime.”


  1. A great many Arabs have white complexions, fair hair and light eyes. Dont be so dumb and naive to assume they are all dark!

  2. Fascinating, but, as I asked above, "how many Arabs have red hair"?

  3. A lot. Obviously it is not as common as having brown or black hair, but it's not unusual for Arabs to be redheads. I've seen them in Lebanon, Syria, Morocco, Tunisia and even in Egypt.

  4. Lots of Arab redheads out there. It's pretty common.


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