Not subverting democracy enough

Leftists complain incessantly about the malign effect corporations have on the political process, how corporate campaign donations buy politicians and subvert democracy, and how drastic measures must be taken to rid democracy of corporate influence. The book Dollars and Votes How Business Campaign Contributions Subvert Democracy provides numerous and typical examples of this complaint:
"the problem is an entire system that is institutionally corrupt, that coerces politicians to put dollars over voters, that buys off democracy. The solution, therefore, must be a complete overhaul and the introduction of a fundamentally new system."

"business uses campaign contributions in a way few other groups do, as part of an "access" process that provides corporations a chance to shape the details of legislation, crafting loopholes that undercut the stated purpose of the law."

"The interests of business are diametrically opposed to those of the public."
Now, in a novel twist, the Left is attacking a corporation for not doing enough to subvert democracy. Microsoft has become a target because:

last month the $37-billion Redmond-based software behemoth quietly withdrew its support for House bill 1515, the anti-gay-discrimination bill currently under consideration by the Washington State legislature

So by choosing not to bribe or coerce any politicians, by staying out of politics, Microsoft is now being condemned as (among other things) being ‘anti-gay’.

State Representative Ed Murray, an avid frequenter of public parks and himself a homosexualist, was quoted as saying:

"I mean, what is this? Is this the 1930s, and are they Krups [sic]?"

Krups makes small appliances such as coffeemakers, Murray must have been referring to German munitions maker Krupp works, therefore Murray is equating Microsoft, a company once recognized for its “pioneering work on behalf of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community”, a company that makes computer software, to a company that used Jewish slave labor to manufacture arms and ammunition for the Nazis. All because Microsoft didn’t do what Leftists like Murray regularly complain about and intercede in a political matter.

In another setback for Seattle area homosexualists this week, the name of Washington’s King County officially no longer honors the fun-loving, pro-slavery, 19th Century Vice President and homosexualist William Rufus De Vane King (everyone called him Miss Nancy), King County now, in a bit of revisionist history, is named in honor of M.L. King.


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