Free DeLay!

As you probably know, the Left and its allies in the Mainstream Media has launched a hate campaign of lies combined with bogus legal charges in order to destroy Majority Leader Tom DeLay. I have become so sickened by these attacks I decided to do something about it: at Café Press I created this thong panty emblazoned with the (or should I say ‘our’?) rallying cry: Free DeLay! Your crotch region is a most personal area, and the personal area is political, get the word out.

Money from the purchase of the thong panty will go to me, in order that I can continue supporting Congressman DeLay via blog posting and creating products such as the Free DeLay! thong panty . Doing the right thing can be sexy, order a few pairs for yourself or your baby boo today. Free DeLay!

Bonus: Anti-smoking zealots, not content with persecuting human smokers, now wish to force their neo-Puritanism on members of the animal kingdom:

A Bloemfontein zoo is trying to persuade its star chimpanzee to kick a bad smoking habit...Charlie, a grown male chimp, has been picking up cigarettes thrown to him by visitors and smoking them - a habit he probably picked up by observing humans, zoo officials say...[more]

Note to zookeepers: most prisoners smoke. It kills time, and is one of the few pleasures one can enjoy living behind bars. Why would poor Charlie be any different?


  1. Saying that a chimpanzee should be allowed to smoke is ridiculous. Everybody knows that smoking is bad, even second hand smoke. Unless it's ribs that you're smoking. But chimps don't eat ribs. Or wear coats and ties for that matter. And these people trying to kick chimps call themselves zookeepers?

  2. If smoking is bad for chimps, why is it you never hear of a chimp dying of lung cancer?


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