Togo? Again?

The election celebrations taking place in Lome, Togo, took a nasty turn when a group of masked, armed men burned the Goethe Institute, a "German cultural center" to the ground. It’s thought the attackers targeted the Goethe Institute because Germany colonized Togo in 1884, but I suspect the real reason is the attackers were forced to read Goethe as schoolchildren and finally decided to do something about it.

A more worrisome possibility is the attack is a harbinger of a future Togolese invasion of the German heartland. Germany's future looks bleak. Its population is declining, and now, in order to revive its moribund economy, Germany plans on implementing Keynesian economic policies, despite it being common knowledge that Keynesian economic policies don’t work. The burning of the Goethe Institute center indicates the Togolese sense the German weakness, and Togo is a nation looking to expand. When Togo does evade Germany, the Germans will probably surrender because fighting back would be racism.

Meanwhile in America: School mistakes huge burrito for a weapon.


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