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Univision is the largest Spanish language television network in the United States, it now has more than 600 affiliates and is still growing. Univision’s viewers are mostly Mexican immigrants to the United States, so Univision profits from high levels of Mexican immigration and lack of assimilation by Spanish speaking immigrants.

Maria Elena Salinas is a columnist syndicated in many American newspapers who regularly writes on the subject of immigration, specifically Mexican immigration to the United States. She is for it, with virtually no restrictions, and in fact has described herself as 'community activist' for immigrants and an 'advocate' for immigration. She thinks it important immigrants retain the Spanish language. According to her website:

A colleague who knows her well states that Ms. Salinas has always been cognizant of the plight of the Mexican immigrant and has been an in-house advocate for their cause. "Our people have gotten a bum rap in the media," she said. "Our job is to set the record straight. They are not here to abuse the system. As a journalist, I see my role also as that of a social activist.”

Being a self-described “social activist” is unusual even among opinion columnists, but what makes her even more unusual is that she is employed as an anchor by Univision.

I am unaware of any other syndicated columnist allowed such a conflict of interest. Would the newspapers that publish Salinas publish a columnist who repeatedly argued for less environmental regulation if that columnist was also employed by Exxon? Would the newspapers who publish Salinas publish a columnist who had as a reoccurring topic the need for greater defense spending if that columnist was also employed by Boeing? Of course not. If your local newspaper carries Ms. Salinas’s column, write them and ask them why she is held to a different standard than other journalists.

To her credit, Ms. Salinas is open about her agenda, and has a better understanding of what the effect of mass immigration from Mexico will be than native born advocates of open borders do:

[Maria Elena Salinas] also said she believes that the latinization of the United States is inevitable.

"The good thing about the latinization of the United States is that we are demonstrating our presence in a very positive way because we are integrating ourselves with the cultural life of this country. " Salinas said. "In almost every industry, there is Hispanic influence."

"It cannot be resisted - although there are anti-immigrants and anti-Latinos - because there are so many of us and we have a buying power that surpassed the $580 billion mark in 2002," Salinas said


  1. Your strong anti-Mexicist leanings further evidence your anti-baseball position. Mexicans love baseball -
    Pict0031.jpg. See? By opposing baseball, you must be some sort of pinko or other form of evildoer. You are why the USA PATRIOT Act is.

  2. Baseball is a tolerable game for children, but I'm baffled at grown men involving themselves in it. And if you ask me, those uniforms they wear have homosexualist overtones.

  3. Perhaps you misapprehend the phrase "you're out" as a commentary on a person's orientation. Baseball is a collegial, pastoral activity completely devoid of the dread homosexualist (except for this guy) and barnyard animalia. In fact, the Seattle Manorail will barely pause between the Ornamental District and West Seattle precisely because Safeco Fields’ restrooms are so infrequently tarnished by carnal manimalist urges. Rather, recreational softball is the scourge that should be at the center of any right thinking person’s concerns.

  4. The image your 'recreational softball' link leads to reminds me of the movie 'The Warriors.'

    Thanks for mentioning the Manorail, it reminds me I need to write about the insipid Seattle Trolley.


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