Suitcase Bologna

Hey Lenny, let’s head on down to the swap meet and grab ourselves some suitcase bologna. You ain’t never had suitcase bologna? It’s the best. This cat Jorge smuggles it in from Mexico in a suitcase. No joke. It tastes better. Mexi-bologna is the best to start with, which is why you can't buy it up here, then during smuggling the heat ages the it, and causes the bologna to absorb some flavor from the suitcase. Kind a like a fine wine in a oak cask, know what I’m sayin? Try gettin’ that in a store my friend. You’ve never had nothin’ like it. We’ll stop at that gook-mart on 12th Ave on the way and grab a case of Old Milwaukee and a loaf or two a day old bread. We can buy some trunk mustard at the swap meet too. What’s trunk mustard? This cat Ray sells home made mustard sauce out of the trunk of his Olds'. It’s the best. Ray’s old lady stirs it up by hand, amigo. Day old bread, trunk mustard, and suitcase bologna. Trust me, you ain’t never had a sammich so good.


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