Sun still dangerous as ever, if not more so

Whenever I read The Tide News, the most outstanding newspaper on this globe we call Earth (The Tide’s motto: ‘a commitment to truth’), I learn something. Recently reading The Tide I learned:

A noble feature of the African society before the advent of colonialism and imperialism was that it stood eminently on solid ground and reveled in cherished liberties, economic abundance freedom and peaceful co-existence.

It’s possible the author of this essay (who I think is a politician) is being funny on purpose. Assuming he’s not, if his view of history is widely held in Africa it would go a long way in explaing why the people there never seem to appreciate all the wonderful things like food, medicines, vaccines, glasses, that Live Aid song, used underpants, assault rifles, etc., we in the West bestow on them out of love or misplaced guilt (which are the same thing, really).

Speaking of The Tide, I reproduce the following articles from the Tide, both on the subject of fashion, in their entirety, for your reading pleasure. Enjoy:
Tube boob

Gone are those days when it was a taboo for a lady to put on a boob tube out of her house. Then, it was seen as a sign of irresponsibility to wear such dress that would expose their breast. But today, this is history. Boob tube is one of the most popular designs in town, which holds the attraction for many and draws attention at different outings.

The wonderful cleavages of the boob tube accompanied with the right earrings and necklace makes it gorgeous, especially if you have a fantastic shape. Indeed ladies now enjoy wearing it because it brings out the best in them. “It comes out in beautiful designs that make wearer look smart. Sometime, it has to go with a long skirt or trousers.

There is no function you go to without seeing ladies wearing the top”. Said Amina, a boob tube lover.

Boob tube comes in traditional casual and corporate designs. What makes it quite dynamic is that it could be sewn in form of blouse or gown. Ladies enjoy wearing it because it brings out the beautiful complexion and shape on their boobs which usually attract guys.

It’s all about tummy-teasing

To say that most fashion-conscious ladies can be so daring is to say the least and an understatement. In the name of fashion, most adventurous Nigerian women are so much eager to flaunt what has hitherto been kept secret.

At a time therefore, when much emphasis is placed on indecent dressing, some of the fashion ladies are yet to see whatsoever to hide their belly bottons behind their large belts or clothes.

For these tummy-teasers as they are fondly called they have no business with covering their navels in the name of wearing clothes.
To them, it is all about tummy-teasing. Hence, even when the blouse length covers the navel level, the navel portion has to be severed for it to be exposed


  1. I've tried to find it - I can't - but I swear I read Steve Sailer once quoting Henry Harpending as saying that life in African villages was actually pretty good while they were relatively isolated, but once a road was built then it all went to hell. So the writer's nostalgia might not be so surreal. It is not clear, however, to what extent the kinds of breast and naval coverings - if any - worn by the women then might have influenced Henry's judgement.

  2. I'm sure some villages weren't entirely bad at certain times and places, if you're into that whole goats and huts kind of thing.

    Notice The Tide guys write better than that Duke prof, and English is (at best) their second language.


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