Spelunking II: Cave Boy, freed or forsaken?

Is the Cave Boy crisis over? According to a story published in the Springfield News-Leader, which describes the rescue of a boy from the cave (Rockhouse Cave) near Cassville, it is:
“Rescue crews spent more than five hours Tuesday extricating an injured Springfield Public Schools student from a cave near Cassville.
The 13-year-old fell or slipped and hurt his back while climbing a slope in the cave during a school field trip.”
But note the age of the boy: thirteen. As careful readers surely recall, the age of the Springfield Cave Boy was fourteen, meaning the rescued boy is an entirely different cave victim, or possibly a hoaxer - a Cave Boy copy-cat if you will. Meanwhile the real Cave Boy lies a moldering, trapped somewhere within the bowels of Rockhouse Cave, forgotten by all. Except me. Although the cave itself looks pretty happening:

Why our ancestors ever left stylish caves for shoddy, miserable huts I’ll never know. Swami was on to something.

As for Cave Boy, the original Cave Boy, things look bleak. I fear his only hope is if I’m able to generate publicity of his predicament by cashing a gigantic tri or superfecta ticket in Cave Boy's honor at the 132nd Running of the Kentucky Derby. Wish me luck.


  1. The only reason I ever leave my cave is check up on ADC. Internet access is unfortunately not among my cave's many ammenities.

  2. For cave boy's sake--nay, for the sake of the entire cave-dwelling community--I hope that you do hit that trifecta.

  3. Thanks Andy. Though I must admit my sympathy for Cave Boy has decreased a bit after learning the cave he's trapped in is a furnished cave.

  4. I would totally live in a cave. One of those stylized caves from the movies, with plenty of crystal clear water and lots of natural light.

  5. If you were living in a stylized caves from the movies and fell and were trapped, would they send an actual Cave Rescue Team or would they send actors portraying a Cave Rescue Team to save you?


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