Enviro-Christians are asking ‘What would Jesus drive?’ The Bible tells us what Jesus did drive: an ass. I’m no theologian, but Jesus doesn’t strike me as someone who accommodates himself to the times. So I have little doubt if around today Jesus would once again drive an ass. He wouldn't pay to park it, either.

Next question?


  1. This seems slippery logic, sir. To my mind, it certainly looks like Jesus precisely DID accomodate himself to the times. In which case he would, if alive now, drive one of those new cars with automatic parallel parking.

    Jesus is nothing if not hip. And that is not blasphemy. Then again, I agree it is an idiotic question.

  2. Of course it's easy to teach a donkey to parallel park itself, by using a carrot and stick approach. Literally.

    To me a more interesting question is what sort of hat would Jesus wear?


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