Another Cloud

Garanth Franke-Ruta has launched a follow-up to his smear campaign against the always insightful Steve Sailer. I detected the strains of envy in Mr. Franke-Ruta’s original attack, his latest confirms my observation, as he complains: so able to position himself as a social scientist that even occasional liberals cite his statistics and a major conservative opinion writer touts his work before an audience of more than a million readers.

As opposed to Mr. Franke-Ruta, who despite dressing as a woman and parading about receives little notice. If Franke-Ruta continues to be ignored (as he undoubtedly will be) I worry that he will begin resorting to ever more desperate stunts to get attention. I urge those close to him to either get him psychiatric help now or else get him a job with the circus.


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