Modern Age, Winter, 1958-1959

"Liberalism is the refuge favored by intellectual cowardice, because the essence of the liberal's position is that he has no position. It may be true, with due qualifications, that in certain transitional phases, where the outline of issues is none too clear, the liberal or uncommitted attitude has its expediency. But as something to construct with, never! It is that state of mind before we have made up our mind. The explanation of why liberalism has been erected into a kind of philosophy in our time is perhaps to be sought in the fact that our world is disintegrating rapidly. It is thereby creating the impression that nothing is permanent but change, and that the very concept of truth is a stumbling block to adaptation as the disintegration goes on." - Richard M. Weaver, Up From Liberalism


  1. ugh...makes my head hurt. Sounds like the drivel my philosophy teacher used to spout...though come to think of sounds more like the pot fume ejecta from some of the head banded hippies from the sixties I once professed to admire and now realize were boring pseudo intellectuals. Perhaps some of them were quoting Rick Weaver. I guess that particular "ism" is reprehensible according to this fellow's definition...and its hard to argue with particulary since it is so obfuscate. But what happens when somebody stands up and says "Hey bozo, you wrong man!" "A Liberal is a political animal who is "favorable to democratic reforms and abolition of privilege"...says so right here in the dictionary. Whats this "the liberal's position is that he has no position" stool sample? This guy get paid for this flummery?
    Oh PT Barnum said....grin!
    (okay, rant mode off now....grin!)
    Awesome blog dude...drop in every couple of days to wonder.

  2. The best time to kick someone in the teeth is when they're lying in the gutter. Just try to kick someone in the teeth when they're standing up sometime, it's really hard, especially if they're tall.


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