Mystery Gas Cloud

I recently stumbled across this disturbing article:

No explanation for mystery gas cloud Things are back to normal in Kittery, after a mysterious cloud of gas floated over the city Monday morning, causing several stores and the town's high school to be evacuated..(more)

I wonder, what were the whereabouts of female impersonator and third-rate journalist Garance Franke-Ruta on the day in question? In a recent item published on the webpage of little read magazine The American Prospect, Mr. Franke-Ruta, clearly suffering from envy, has taken it upon himself to attack the brilliant Steve Sailer because Sailer was quoted in the New York Times (apparently no one at the New York Times will take notice of the journalism of poor Mr. Garance Franke-Ruta, despite his pretending to be a woman). But the attack is nothing more than an odorous gas cloud. Mr. Franke-Ruta's accuses the New York Times of being "shoddy" for mentioning Sailer, and calls Sailer's opinions "clap-trap", and suggests Sailer is a racist. Yet his evidence demonstrating the despicableness of Sailer is nothing more than guilt by association and the opinion of the discredited frauds at the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Since Mr. Franke-Ruta seems to think that being accused of racism by an activist group means one is racist, it should be noted that he and his magazine has been accused of racism by an organization of Hispanic activists:

I now argue that it is this "culture of exclusion" that results in a "climate of hostility" in which insensitivity to Hispanic flourishes. I now argue that this is the only reasonable explanation for the fact that American Prospect could - without a qualm - allow a writer to submit an article as mean-spirited and malicious as Franke-Ruta's - in my opinion.

While none of its 19 Senior Correspondents are Latino (0%), two of its 16 Contributing Editors are Latino (12.5%). The overall "presence" of Hispanics is thus 6%, less than half of what their demographics would suggest - absent any kind of discrimination, or "exclusion," I should say.

I do not know whether Mr. Franke-Ruta is a racist or not, but why should he be given the benefit of the doubt when he does not extend it to others?


  1. Garance Franke-Ruta - crazy name, crazy er...guy?

  2. I've met Mr. Franke-Ruta , and though he dresses as and insists to all he is a woman, I have no doubt he is actually a man

  3. I find "Garance's" use of a 19th-century anarchist-style pseudonym rather charming, myself. As militaria enthusiasts know, the Garance Franke-Ruta S-50 was the German-manufactured firearm of choice for the brave and skillful Finnish snipers of the Winter War (1939-40). A first-class weapon, despite some tendency for the bolt-lug recess to develop pits...

  4. A rifle, yet my great-uncle had always told fond tales of touring on his Garance Franke-Ruta motorcycle, a Bulgarian machine manufactured in the 1920s.

  5. I believe Garance was an arms manufacturere, and Frank-Ruta was a company that built small engines. The two firms merged, and went on to produced the high quality rifles and motorcycles cited above.

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