Grappling with Garance

The humorless herd of asses at The American Prospect are upset that Steve Sailer linked to an article that accuses one of their ‘journalists’, the female impersonator Mr. Garance Franke-Ruta, of racism, and have gone so far as to threaten to sue for libel anyone who reproduces the allegations in the article. Normally I try to ignore mediocre journals of modern leftist thought such as TAP (so, apparently do modern leftists – TAP’s circulation is even lower than Mother Jones). As the person who rediscovered the controversial article in question, this threat of legal action is therefore in part directed at me (must everything these days be decided via lawsuit? I am willing to wrestle Mr. Franke-Ruta to settle this dispute. He can even wear his dress if he wants) so I feel compelled to respond. Not out of any fear of legal action (what a joke), but because for some reason I can't resist mocking these blockheads.

When I (and others) quoted accusations of racism made against Mr. Franke-Ruta and his lilly-white cohorts at TAP it was obviously (at least to normal people) not done to endorse the accusations, it was done to highlight the brainless hypocrisy of a writer who casually makes unsubstantiated and malicious accusations of racism against others, despite himself being the victim of unsubstantiated and malicious accusations of racism. It is also brainless hypocrisy for the editors of a publication that publishes false accusations of racism to threaten libel suits when one of its writers is falsely accused of racism. The threatening of those that have exposed TAP in this regard is beyond brainless hypocrisy. What is perhaps most ridiculous is that TAP is a publication that wishes to be taken seriously on complex subjects such as social Security reform and global foreign policy, yet its editors are too stupid to grasp the irony of their arguments in this matter.


  1. Thanks. I think jokes and ridicule may be the only way to ultimately undermine the 'racial McCarthyists'.


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