Greatest Fool Theory

For once, some good news:
"Democracy is the future," Mr. Qaddafi, 32, said at his Moroccan-style villa outside Tripoli, where he keeps a white tiger, Freddo, among other exotic pets. "We have to be ahead of the world in our region, the Middle East, and not to be lagging behind, because the whole world is heading toward democracy." - Seif el-Islam el-Qaddafi, son of Libyan leader Col. M. Qaddafi.
It's an embarrassing development for democratists, and a harbinger the horrible democracy fad (the polyester leisure suit of political arrangements) has peaked when even the morons in Libya are advocating it.

I do not expect to witness any Western democracy switch to monarchy during my lifetime, but I do have hope that one day one of the many children I have fathered in various places about the globe in the course of my travels will.


  1. Qadaffi is 32? Damn, he doesn't age well!

  2. Ahh, a second and closer reading indicates it is his SON who made the unlikely comments. Amazing what bees the younger generation get in their bonnets eh!

  3. Why the fondness for monarchy?

  4. The tiger's name is "Freddo"?


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