Antarctica is sorely lacking in nightlife. It is also sorely lacking in night, as the sun does not set in Antarctica this time of year. Perpetual day has destroyed my already tenuous ability to sleep, and I find myself staring for hours at the monotonous expanse of empty, white landscape, which I paint a picture of, since there is nothing else to do. My guidebook is out of date. I have not met a single Eskimo or Yeti, as I was promised, and I am beginning to suspect that my travel agent is less than reputable.


  1. "Tekeli-li", for the nerdity-impaired, is what the shoggoths in H.P.Lovecraft's horror tale "Mountains of Madness", set in the frozen wastes, like to bleat...

  2. It is originally from the 'out of date guidebook' linked to above.


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