Arrival: Seattle again

I am once again in unhappy Seattle (even Seattle’s homosexualists seem depressed these days, despite being promised a monorail). For all of her shortcomings, Seattle’s grey, drizzly weather makes it an ideal city to have a hangover in, and therefore a perfect place for me to be for the holidays. I will try to wring whatever small enjoyment out of Seattle I can before her miserable passive aggressive citizens destroy the city completely with dimwitted and obscenely expensive (in the billions) transportation schemes, which include the aforementioned ‘manorail’, light rail, and now possibly an underground tunnel for cars to drive in. Who will pay for all this? Those with any money and good sense will be leaving Seattle as soon as these projects commence being built, as the construction process will make an already depressing city unlivable.

Much talk in Seattle centers around the controversial ballot recount in the Gov.s race. Accusations about election fraud have been made. It would not surprise me if candidate Gregoire was involved in some sort of skullduggery, as her claim to fame is extorting enormous sums of money from tobacco companies, producers of an entirely legal product. She deserves to be not in the Governors mansion, but in jail.

What those on both sides shrieking about voting irregularities fail to understand is that the problem is not with how votes are cast or counted, but with democracy itself. How I miss lovely Lichtenstein, and her kind and pleasant people, happy because they are ruled by an honest king who has never blackmailed anyone.


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